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b) Warranty exclusion provision and contents liability.

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c) Warranty exclusion provision and liability for links to other pages.

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Jurisdiction and Law Enforcement

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Privacy Policy


To use specific services, CBRE S.A de C.V (hereinafter, "CBRE") may request certain data from the User. CBRE will treat such data in compliance with its Confidentiality Policy that makes available for the user at the following link.

Personal Data Protection Policy

Through this notice, CBRE S.A de C.V (hereinafter "CBRE") located on Pedregal 24, Floor 17, Lomas de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, 11040 Mexico City, Mexico, informs users and visitors to its Website about its Personal Data Protection Policy (hereinafter "Personal Data") , in order for the people who access the Website ("the Users") choose freely whether they want to provide CBRE with Personal Data that may be requested from them in order to: include them in a database for analysis and statistics purposes, information sent that is related to their business, services rendered or in case of job opportunities.

CBRE reserves the right to modify the current policy to adapt it to law changes and/or jurisprudence effects that may apply to the sector.

Personal Data collected will be automatically treated and added to the corresponding data bases.

Furthermore, CBRE states its commitment with the privacy of the Personal Data collected from the Users. CBRE commits to:

1. Keep the confidentiality of the Personal Data collected from the Users and to comply with all the legal requirements in force.

2. Respect the secrecy of the information supplied by the Users. The Personal Data collected will be at all times supplied for the end to which they are collected

3. Guarantee the User's access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights, in the terms stipulated by the Law. Accordingly, the Users will be able to put their rights into practice through the following link: [email protected] or by calling (+52) (55) 52840000.

4. Not to yield, or sell, or share Personal Data with third parties without the Users authorization, except for the authorized cases by the law in force.

5. CBRE or the person in charge of treating the data is committed to adopt the necessary protection devises to guarantee the safety of Personal Data. However, the User is expressly warned that all Personal Data protection devises are not unassailable. CBRE is acquitted of any liability in the assumption that it has adopted all reasonable security measures in accordance to the nature of the Personal Data collected and the risks to which they are exposed.

6. The User is informed that the answers to Personal Data questions are in some cases mandatory for the rendering of the services offered in the website. In case the User does not respond to these questions CBRE reserves the right to render the requested service.


CBRE, its subsidiaries and affiliate companies, in compliance with the provisions of the federal law on the protection of personal data held by private parties and its regulations is committed that the processing of personal data that you voluntarily provided is handled in so that your privacy is protected.


Thank you for your confidence in CBRE, having provided personal information through our contact forms, and by your express authorization for treatment and of this information transfer.

The personal information provided to CBRE will only be used in the necessary, appropriate, and relevant purpose detailed in the contract agreed upon.

CBRE is not responsible for the truth or accuracy of the information you have provided. CBRE only receives records and preserves this information.

CBRE has implemented all the security measures, administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect the information provided.


When you use our website you can access through links to other sites that you can provide personal information, which will be subject to the privacy policies and notices of each site, so you expressly release CBRE from any responsibility in this regard (being enunciative and not limited to damages, etc.).

"Cookies" are used to provide you with a better service regarding our services which remind you of the activity that you previously carried out on our website, which can be directly managed by you from your computer, which will limit or eliminate access of cookies and / or web beacons.


Based on the above, CBRE has it's legal manager designated responsible for any queries regarding the appropriate treatment and transfer of such information. this person can be contacted through one of the following: by e-mail, at [email protected] ; by telephone, at (+52) (55) 52840000 and / or in the building located in Pedregal 24 floor 17, Lomas de Chapultepec, Miguel hidalgo, Zip code 11040, Mexico city, Mexico.

A.R.C.O. rights

If you decide to revoke or restrict the use or disclosure of the information provided, and to exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition we ask to you carefully use any form of contact for that is provided to all relevant information.


Information provided will be retained for the period specified by law and upon completion for that period will be canceled.


We reserve the right to make changes or update at anytime to this privacy notice, either in response to changes in applicable law or our internal policies regarding the market practices, provision or offer of our services.

These modifications will be available through our website or in print in our offices in Mexico.


CBRE provides the identical security measures to those used for the management and protection of our company information.

Transfer of personal data

The information you provide to CBRE may be shared with subsidiaries and / or affiliates in any manner in Mexico or abroad, circumstance and treatment that you grant their agreement and authorization.

Update personal data

CBRE is responsible for the care and preservation of information provided by you. It is not responsible for updates or modifications, so if there is any change, you must promptly notify in writing the person responsible for the care of this specific item.


Your use of this site signifies your understanding and acceptance of the terms of this privacy policy.

Cross Border Transfers

CBRE Inc. has certified to the Safe Harbor framework agreed to by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the EU and the U.S. Department of Commerce and Switzerland with respect to certain Personal Information collected by our affiliates and corporate clients located in the European Economic Area and Switzerland and transferred to CBRE Inc. in the United States. For additional information regarding the Safe Harbor Program, see the U.S. Dept. of Commerce web site at

[email protected]