Evolving Workforces

CRE leaders expect to reorganize their teams in 2023

CBRE & CoreNet Global surveyed 186 real estate executives on their management practices. Here is what we found.

March 15, 2023 3 Minute Read


About this study

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CBRE Institute and CoreNet Global have partnered for many years on a longitudinal research project, which monitors both the established and emerging practices within the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) industry. This year’s study surveyed 186 CRE leaders during the latter half of 2022. Respondents oversee combined portfolios of nearly 1.6 billion square feet worldwide, with an average CRE organization of 173 full-time employees and an average portfolio size of 17.2 million square feet.

Additional insights will be released in a 5-part series throughout Q1 2023.

This segment focuses on CRE organizational design.

Overarching Themes

Six in 10 CRE leaders anticipate near-term organizational changes to their teams; workplace strategy is now the #1 needed new or different skill in demand.

Centralization of CRE functions is now a CRE industry mainstay, with CRE teams leveraging service providers for service delivery.

While CRE teams have historically been organized by function/service area, geography narrowly took the lead as the dominant organizing principle in 2022.

Team reorganizations on the horizon

59% of CRE leaders anticipate near-term organizational changes to their team structures. In fact, 35% anticipate upskilling their internal organizations, while over one-quarter of leaders plan to restructure their teams for better focus on current priorities.

Is the CRE organization anticipating any organizational changes during the next 12 months?

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Source: CBRE and CoreNet Global annual study, Dec. 2022.


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