The Commercial Property Management Division offers the support of specialists in technical, financial and administrative areas, guaranteeing efficiency in processes, reduction in costs and an increase in the quality of services provided by third parties. 

In each commercial property managed by this division, CBRE maintains a team of staff exclusively dedicated to serving its tenants, users and owners in real time. 

What we do

CBRE's management activities include:

  • Operations management of the condominium for its facilities, emergency services and corrective and preventive services
  • Administrative management encompassing budgeting, accounts payable and receivable, balance sheets and statistical analysis
  • Legal advice on contract management and monitoring of the condominium's contracts and records
  • The hiring and coordination of third-party services such as security, landscaping, cleaning and maintenance
  • Revenue search for the condominium
  • “Pay-per-use” services for tenants/users of the properties

Related Services

Building Consultancy Services are a pre-operational consultancy aimed at developers, builders and architects focused on commercial condomiums to be used as apartments, offices or mixed use, and logistics parks; they also provide assistance during the development and construction phases.
CBRE Brazil’s Capital Markets Department makes up the group's global platform, capable of offering its clients effective market cycle analysis, trend forecasts, international capital flow studies and proper investment guidance for regional, national and global portfolios.
Focused on real estate asset retirement (land sales), the Land Services Department at CBRE Brazil engages in market studies and marketing of land sales, advises small and large owners of undeveloped land or already approved projects, and also works with owners of underutilized properties, such as houses, old factories, old shops, supermarkets, old warehouses, gas stations and rural properties that have potential for the development of new real estate ventures at the location.
The Asset Management Department is the CBRE unit responsible for representing owners in the management of their property portfolios.
The Rental Lease Agreement Service specializes in managing properties, payments, inspections, insurance and guarantees, records, providing representation in meetings, response strategies to market changes, managing rent adjustments and contract renewals.