What Do We Do?

Our strategic consulting services provide decision-making support for the company in a technical and analytical capacity. We also document the process of analyzing real estate options.

Real Estate Consulting Report

  • Analysis of current occupancy and definition of target areas: Spatial planning, layout development and calculation of estimated renovation costs and monthly expenses. Mapping the locations of employees, clients or competitors
  • Market overview: General information on past, current and future conditions of the office market in the locations being studied (such as supply, demand, pricing trends, etc.)
  • Market research: Complete survey of alternatives available on the market (buildings ready for occupancy, under construction or in the planning stages) and land for development
  • Financial and Qualitative Analysis: Development of a comparative technical and financial study: Analysis of permanency in the current building, through contract renewal or revision versus moving or expanding through leasing, purchase or real estate development ("built to suit" or "turn key" construction). “Stay vs. Go” analysis
  • Report Recommendations: General consulting services and handling of the negotiation process (coordinating the competitive process between selected properties and negotiating the contract drafts)

Management of Real Estate Transactions

  • Representation of our clients' interests in real estate negotiations for leases, acquisition, “built to suit,” contract renewal, rent adjustments, “turn key” or “sale and lease back”
  • Development of individual business strategies
  • Coordination of simultaneous negotiations
  • After a decision has been made, CBRE will lead the contract negotiation until its closing
  • Creation of inspection reports and assistance in obtaining and analyzing the documentation of the property and owner

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As the largest global provider of real estate portfolio management services, responsible for over 160,000 leases annually, we create value through portfolio analytics, process implementation, desktop audits, savings initiatives, compliance, systems knowledge, and portfolio and asset-level reporting.
CBRE's Project Management and Construction Management services serve all the industrial and retail segments in projects ranging from the building of manufacturing plants, logistics operations and critical environments to corporate spaces, providing compliance with budgets, timelines and efficiency in the use of resources during the implementation of project stages.
Through a global network of specialists, strategic partners and reliable suppliers, we provide insights and measurable results and create competitive advantages for our clients.

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