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mayo 20, 2015
mayo 20, 2015

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mayo 22, 2015

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mayo 25, 2015
The Project Planning and Construction Management team adds value to each undertaking, regardless of size, type or location, because it understands the importance of professional management at every stage of a project.  By participating from the initial planning phases through project development, approvals and bid process coordination, to management of the construction and finishing phases, our team serves as a true technical arm specializing in project planning and management for our clients. Our professionals take the specific objectives of each business into consideration as a basis for creating solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

What we do

Our project planning and construction management solutions include:

  • Program management
  • Project planning and construction management for building construction or renovation 
  • Project planning and construction management for the installation of corporate and retail interiors 
  • Monitoring of various projects and construction works (owner representation)
  • Change management
  • Workplace consulting
  • Critical environments
  • Technical evaluations of properties and due-diligence
  • Investment analysis for construction projects and infrastructure improvement
  • Efficiency analyses of construction/space
  • Consulting and preparation of technical reports

Related Services

Through a global network of specialists, strategic partners and reliable suppliers, we provide insights and measurable results and create competitive advantages for our clients.
CBRE is the global leader in Office Services, with the most comprehensive investor and occupier services platform and more professionals specializing in the office sector than any other firm.
CBRE Brazil’s Capital Markets Department makes up the group's global platform, capable of offering its clients effective market cycle analysis, trend forecasts, international capital flow studies and proper investment guidance for regional, national and global portfolios.

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